Image Holidays abroad : can I bring my cat with me ?

Holidays abroad : can I bring my cat with me ?

Going on holiday vacation with your family is worrisome, especially if you have a pet but you have to leave it at home. And this is the reason why pet owners choose to spend their vacation at home.

Many airline companies have strict rules or even do not allow pet owners to bring their animals on board. However, Opodo offers you some practical guidelines and tips if you want to travel with your cat on your next vacation.

What does your cat need to have? What do you have to do as a pet owner? What other things do you have to know if you want to take your cat with you?

What will your cat need if you want to take it on your flight abroad?

Just like you, your cat needs to complete some important documents before it gets permission to board a plane. The following guideline will help you collect all essential travel documents for your cat, and therefore will make your next vacation more enjoyable:

  • Microchip: it is required that your cat gets microchipped before traveling. Microchip is the only acceptable identification form of your pet once aboard or overseas. The microchip number should show in the cat's vaccination certificate.
  • Pet passports: It contains a record of the vaccination given to your cat, as well as any medical records given to your cat, with the vet's name. To be valid, the vaccination name and date should be clearly mentioned with its expiry date. Besides, you have to make sure that the cat's vaccination does not expire before or during your stay overseas.
  • Health certificate: Some airline companies require your cat to have a special health certificate before getting permission to fly overseas. This certificate contains the cat's microchip number. It is necessary to confirm whether this document is essential with the airline company.

What do you have to do as a pet owner if you want to travel with your cat?

As a pet owner, this guideline will help you know what to do to fully enjoy your holiday vacation with your cat.

  •  Check with the airline company if you need to make a special reservation for your cat. Ask also if your cat needs to be kept in the cargo hold or in the cabin during the flight.
  •  Pack any essential items that your cat might need during the trip, such as a toy, some snacks, a sleeping mat, and medications. It is necessary to bring any medication that your cat might need as a precaution. Moreover, you should not forget to bring your vet's contact information, in case your cat does not feel good during the trip.

What other things do you have to know?

Many airline companies accept travelers to travel with their pets. Even so, it is essential to book your flight ahead of time, because the number of traveling pets per flight is limited.

The British airline company, the Virgin Atlantic allows travelers to take their cat to any venue as long as it has a certificate and a valid document. Book your flight with Opodo to be sure that your airline will accept your cat to your destination. To find the ideal destination for your trip, visit

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