Image The countries where your cat has to quarantine

The countries where your cat has to quarantine

The countries where your cat has to quarantine

Traveling to another country with a pet requires a lot of preparation, whether it is by car or by plane. This may include making sure that your cat is in good health condition, and its health certificate is ready. In addition to that, all the travel documents have to be valid.

On the other hand, it is essential to know whether your travel destination is pet-friendly, and allows your cat into the country with you. Otherwise, your cat will have to stay in your home country.

What are the requirements for traveling with a cat? Which countries make your cat have to quarantine?

Requirements to travel with a pet

Each country has different rules and regulations regarding the requirements for traveling with a cat. This includes:

  • A recent vaccination certificate.
  • A microchip identification, to easily identify the animal.
  •  A valid health certificate, which states the health status of your pet. It has to be certified by a vet.
  • A pet passport, in which the animal ID and vaccination are written.

Why might your cat be quarantined?

It is likely that your cat will still be quarantined even after you have prepared all the required travel documents. Here are some of the reasons:

  • Failure to know about quarantine requirements of the destination country.
  • Failure to give the right vaccination to your cat before entering the country.

However, it is not necessary to quarantine your pet if you successfully meet all the requirements.

What are the quarantine requirements?

The World Organization for Animal Health classifies countries into:

  • Rabies-free countries, into which pets can enter without quarantine or Blood Titer test, with the least paperwork. An entry permit and a pet passport are required to get access to the country.
  • Rabies-controlled countries, where a certified health status and recent vaccination are required for your cat. A microchip identification and a Blood Tier test are not mandatory in most countries. However, an import permit and a pet passport are required to enter the country.
  • High-rabies countries, where a Blood Titer test is mandatory. In addition to that, a pet passport, a microchip and a pet health certificate must be presented. All your cat's travel documents should be recent and valid. Besides, all the paperwork should properly meet the requirements to enter the country.

Which countries may put your cat into quarantine?

If your cat is from a rabies-free country, it has to quarantine high-rabies countries in order to stay safe from the disease. Even though your cat is vaccinated against rabies, it is not safe for your cat to travel into high-risk countries.

If your cat is from a rabies-controlled country, the travel documents are required. A delay of 120 to 180 days might be required for the Rabies Titer test before traveling.

If your schedule does not fit in that waiting period of time, your animal will be quarantined upon arrival at a Rabies-free country. As a result, your cat has to quarantine these kinds of countries. If you are traveling from a high-rabies country, your cat has to quarantine free-rabies countries. Rabies-free countries do not grant permission to a pet from a high-rabies country to enter.

For more information

Further information about the type of country where you are traveling to is available upon request through Opodo. The online travel agency Opodo operates in many countries worldwide. Practical advice and recommendations on quarantine requirements are available through Opodo.

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